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No need to pack an umbrella, Valencia has 300 sunny days per year and the advantage of being both a city and a beach destination. It has conquered my heart in a speed of light with its terracotta colors, panorama of cupolas and mouthwatering tapas. If that's not reason enough to book yourself a flight ticket right now, perhaps these one of a kind specialty coffee shops will do the trick. But be warned, you might end up not wanting to leave!

Retrogusto Coffeemates

Retrogusto Coffeemates Specialty Coffee Valencia

It's not always easy to start out and be the new girl in town. Thanks to these two barista darlings at Retrogusto Coffeemates I felt at home in Valencia from the first sip. Martina and Paula are as cafecionado as they come and their story is one of determination and dedication. As their take away coffee shop is located in Valencia's bustling and picturesque Mercado Central, it is easy to combine sightseeing with your coffee cravings. You'll be served no less than excellent roasts by Barcelona's finest: Nomad Coffee and Right Side Coffee Roasters.

Retrogusto Coffeemates Specialty Coffee Valencia

So how have Martina and Paula found their way to specialty coffee in Valencia? As many stories nowadays in Spain, it started with the financial crisis. In 2012 their work place was affected by job cuts, which forced them to change and reinvent. They turned the negatives into positives with the decision to brave the economic downturn in their country and start a business of their own. It had to be about quality coffee, as it was something both were extremely passionate about and was lacking in Valencia. In the following years they met with and learned from influencers of Spain's specialty coffee scene, such as Miguel Lamora - two time winner of national Latte Art Championships and founder of Atmans Coffee in Barcelona. When practicing at home was not enough anymore, the eagerness to know more brought Martina and Paula all the way to the London Coffee Festival, where they tried all the coffee they could find. After years of preparation, the first beans were finally hitting the grinder in May 2015.

Retrogusto Coffeemates Specialty Coffee Valencia
retrogusto specialty coffee

At Retrogusto Coffeemates my taste buds travelled from Kenya and Ethiopia all the way to El Salvador in less than two weeks. While Right Side Coffe Roasters are a regular in the first grinder, the girls have recently acquired a second grinder for guest roasters and have worked with Nomad from Barcelona, Five Elephant from Berlin and Hola Coffee from Madrid  In an attempt to enchant locals and visitors with new and exciting flavours, beans are rotated frequently. Martina and Paula believe that every moment has its coffee, which is why their menu is your oyster. It holds all the favourites, whether you prefer milk based or pour-over. And when those hot Valencian summer days have you longing for something refreshing, cold drip and iced coffee tonic will cool you down.

Mercat Central, Plaza Ciudad de Brujas s/n Palcos 169 y 170
46001 València

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Bluebell Coffee Co.

Bluebell Coffee Co Specialty Coffee Valencia

"Bluebell, pretty bluebell....you will always be the flower of my heart.". This song by Scott Walker is what inspired Marián to give her coffee shop the name Bluebell Coffee Co. Together with her sister Yolanda and her sisters partner Erwan, she opened the first specialty coffee shop in Valencia in September 2014. It is located in the bohemian Ruzafa neighbourhood, where Valencians love to shop vintage and go for drinks in funky bars.

Bluebell Coffee Co Specialty Coffee Valencia
Bluebell Coffee Co Specialty Coffee

Before Marián started her business, she lived in the US where she completely immersed into the local coffee culture. A small café in Montana, where she was a regular, gave her the last push and motivation to open something of her own. Upon returning to Europe, she went coffee hopping in Berlin and collected ideas for her project.

Bluebell Coffee Co Specialty Coffee Valencia

Bluebell used to work with Barcelona based Nomad Coffee and Right Side Coffee Roasters as well as Puchero Coffee Roasters with beans rotating ever 2-3 weeks. They have recently started roasting their own beans though in a warehouse outside the city. They've established relationships with a coffee farm in the Dominican Republic that uses innovative techniques to give their coffee beans a honey flavour. Espresso based drinks, V60, Aeropress and cold drip are all a safe bet!

Bluebell is a looker and a must for foodies! A stunning blue La Marzocco, gorgeous courtyard and flowery, positive atmosphere are unique features of the coffee shop in Ruzafa and the weekend brunch is a real treat!

Carrer de Buenos Aires, 3
46006 València

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