the way to coffee blog

Apart from being a total Beaniac, I have a strong and multi-disciplinary skill set to offer that translates into the following services:

  • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Account Management
    • Content Production (Video, Text, GIF and Photo)
    • Community Management
    • Social Media Workshops and Coaching
  • Photography (check out my Portfolio)
    • Still life & Interior
    • Documentary
    • Portraits
    • Lifestyle
  • Writing
    • Blog articles
    • News articles
    • Interviews
  • Influencer Marketing & Affiliate (check out my Media Kit)
    • Social Media Postings (Instagram: @waytocoffee)
    • Product reviews
    • Links and Banners

I have 2+ years experience working as a Social Media Manager for companies in the gastronomy sector and 5+ years working as a freelance photographer. Through my passion project The Way to Coffee I've not only elaborated my skills in writing and storytelling, I've also established a great network of coffee professionals and companies. Whether you are looking for a photographer, author or social media guru, I am your cup of coffee!

Clients I have worked with