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Best Cafes for Specialty Coffee in Bratislava

best cafes Bratislava

Slovakia’s capital Bratislava still flies somewhat under the radar, but anyone who visits will be enchanted by its beautiful old town with narrow alleys and stunning architecture. I planned a visit on my last trip to Vienna, as it is only a short train ride away, and it completely took me by surprise to discover this rather small city had a very lively coffee culture. Almost every third shop in old town Bratislava was a coffee house, with a fair amount of them serving specialty coffee. There are more than 150 cafés only in the historic center! This diversity of local coffee shops might have something to do with the fact that in old town Bratislava chains like Starbucks didn’t find a grip and are not present as in other European capitals.  

Here’s a summary of some of the best cafes for specialty coffee in Bratislava.

Imagine opening the doors to a world of flavor and culture. That’s exactly what MANDĽA did in 2018, when the local coffee scene was still a blank canvas. As a curious traveler and gastronomic enthusiast, the owner saw the potential to create a unique experience that would speak volumes about Slovakia’s culture. MANDĽA was the first step, a crazy one at that, into the world of hospitality. It’s not just about the coffee – the ambiance, the presentation, the attention to detail, all working in perfect harmony to create an unforgettable experience.

Venture towards the Eastern Bloc for a coffee break and discover the coziest living room in town. Despite limited resources, Viliam Thurzo and his partners have transformed their space into a plant-filled oasis with a touch of Zen, inspired by their travels. Enjoy the stylish decor while sipping on expertly crafted roasts from local favorites like GORIFFEE and Diamond Roasters, available in various brewing methods. As the hours pass, indulge in a refreshing gin and tonic or a slice of the infamous cheesecake that has put them on the city’s radar.

Step into the sleek and chic black. café and join the tribe of coffee connoisseurs who know that good coffee speaks for itself. At black., the aesthetics and taste are fully devoted to minimalism, with the seasonal and sometimes funky coffee beans taking you on a journey around the coffee belt. With a well-thought-out and efficient brewing process, the owner Alexander Nagy makes sure that you’ll get your perfect cup every time. So grab a seat and become a part of this welcoming and vibrant community!