Meet the roaster - Mr. Eion in Edinburgh

My latest weekend getaway brought me to Edinburgh and while this city is incredibly beautiful I had only one thing on my mind: "Where do I go for great coffee in this city?". While I normally focus on coffee places (and I'll upload the places I loved most soon) I was pointed to a local roastery called Mr. Eion that has shaken up the specialty coffee roasting scene in Edinburgh, which had been dominated by Artisan Roast for many years.

To get to Mr. Eion I walked through Stockbridge, a charming neighbourhood north of Edinburgh's newtown where the Water of Leith is passing through, and alongside it invites a gorgeous footpath pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Watch out for a large shop window all dressed in white apart from a red logo and you have found Mr. Eion. Eion is from Aberdeen and moved to Edinburgh about two years ago. He had been working as a barista for many years and was ready for a change. It was a good time to start a roasting business in Edinburgh, he said, as people were interested in alternatives to established coffee roasters. For his first coffee roasting attempts Eion worked on a popcorn machine - today his roasting equipment of choice is a beautiful Diedrich.

Mr. Eion works with the trading company Wakefield and imports beans from South America, Africa and Asia. He creates unique roast profiles for each coffee in order to bring outits full potential.  I was particularly intrigued by a single estate coffee, the Peruvian "Pan de Arbol", which is grown on a small farm that produces 50 bags of coffee per year - 10 of those go to Mr. Eion. This trade is part of a project linking small farmers with small roasters.

You can find Mr. Eions coffee in countless coffee shops in Edinburgh, such as the Cairngorm Coffee Company. The shop itself is not a cafe, but you can buy all the equipment you need to brew your coffee at home.

In case you're not in Edinburgh but would like to stock up on high quality coffee brewing appliances check out the website of Hario UK!