Virgin Coffee

Go into any ordinary coffee shop in Sevilla and the chances are pretty high that your cafe con leche will be made with Catunambu, the regional coffee brand of Andalucia. If you are looking for something different and are eager to try a variety of coffee, then your search ends here - Virgin Coffee is your place! It was the first specialty coffee shop to open in Sevilla in April 2015 by  pioneer Pedro, who is roasting six different types of coffee beans sourced from all over the world on a 1kg micro roaster. Really, one is spoiled for choice here.

The cafe is located right by the Metropol Parasol, where you must climb up during sunset hour as this is a giant playground for photographers and/or the hopelessly romantic (but you will enjoy this even if you are neither of those). It also marks the beginning of Calle Regina, a haven for vintage clothing, alternative cafes and anything else the hipster heart is craving for.

In Sevilla, Virgin Coffee is one of a kind and although specialty coffee is still quite new in town, people respond well to it, says Pedro, who poured me a latte with dedication and care. I certainly fell in love with this shoe box full of coffee beans and cute decoration.  Seriously, the shop is so tiny that it only hosts a few bar stools and a couple of chairs outside but that's all you need. Simplicity is what makes this place so special, along with the excellent quality of the coffee and the friendly owner/barista/roaster Pedro, who is not as serious as he looks in the picture. I came back twice in the same day and tried a latte brewed with beans from Honduras, which I adored due to its fruity flavour and Kenya, with full-mouth feel and a natural sweetness.

Sevilla Virin Coffee
Pedro Sevilla Virgin Coffee

Calle Regina 1, local 6

Mo-Sa 10:00-13:30 & 15:30-20:30

Virgin Coffee Sevilla
Virgin Coffee Sevilla

Torch Coffee Roasters

A couple of months ago, in September 2015, this ample and bright coffee shop opened its doors just a bean's throw away from Torre del Oro, right by the Guadalquivir river. It is the second specialty coffee place to shake up the coffee scene in the gorgeous city of Sevilla and is run by two sisters, Sarah and Victoria. Torch Coffee Roasters are part of a cooperative that has its roots in the US and puts great emphasis on connecting people and building a community in the coffee business, from the customer who drinks the coffee, to the roaster, barista and the farmer. As part of their philosophy, they seek not only unique and exceptional coffee, but also coffee that is in season.

TORCH specialty coffee roasters sevilla

The cafe is so airy and spacious that it invites to spend hours here working or resting ones feet after sightseeing. The modern interior is based on brown and blue colour tones and the coffee is roasted on site behind floor-to-ceiling glass doors. A large communal table encourages customer interaction  and smaller wooden tables are spread throughout the room for those seeking a more insular coffee experience. The tranquil and relaxing ambience makes Torch an urban oasis for coffee lovers. In November, with the sun shining low, beautiful rays of natural light break through the large windows and swipe across the table tops.

TORCH specialty coffee roasters sevilla

Paseo de las Delicias 3
41013 Sevilla, Spain

Mo-Fr 08:30-20:30
Sa 10:00 - 20:30
So 16:00 - 20:30

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