Welcome to The Way to Coffee

The Way to Coffee is a passion project that has been running for 5+ years to promote dedicated specialty coffee shops, roasters, importers and farmers worldwide. It’s a resource platform for thousands of coffee and travel enthusiasts and closely monitors recent developments in the coffee industry to provide up-to-date, relevant content. On The Way to Coffee you find city guides featuring the best specialty coffee shops worldwide, brew guides and helpful tips to take your coffee business to the next level.

way to coffee

Hi there fellow coffee lover! I’m Resi, the beaniac and photographic eye behind this blog. I personally stick to drinking coffee or writing about it. All coffee shops featured on this website have been visited by me, loved by me and had a special something that made me want to tell the rest of the world about them! If you know of a great cafe that is not featured here, I would love to hear about it!

In a nutshell, The Way to Coffee is a combination of my love for a quality brew and my passion for storytelling, photography and digital marketing.

Whenever possible I try to give back and use my skills and reach to help. Here are the initiatives I’ve launched to support our (coffee) community in times of need.