Best Cafes in Milan Serving Specialty Coffee

Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, boasts a young specialty coffee scene that blends innovation and tradition. Passionate baristas go the extra mile to experiment with flavors and techniques, creating a true art form out of coffee. At the best cafes in Milan, serving specialty coffee is more than just preparing a beverage – it’s a way of life. Each cup of coffee tells a story, revealing the unique personality and vision of the cafe founders behind it.

In a city where espresso reigns supreme, Brent Jopson and his wife Giulia Gasperini dared to break the mold and bring the third wave coffee movement to Milan. When the couple moved from Vancouver to Milan, they were disappointed to find that specialty coffee was not yet a trend. Determined to bring their love of coffee to the people of Milan, they opened Cafe Orsonero. With a Scandi-inspired aesthetic and a focus on hospitality, the cafe offers an inviting space. The renowned Italian roaster Gardelli supplies the highest quality beans, while rotating guest roasters from Northern Europe are also on offer. The result is a menu of delicious coffee beverages that honor Italy’s rich coffee heritage while also celebrating the innovations of the Third Wave.

Welcome to Nowhere, the café that’s anything but ordinary. The dynamic team behind this Milan hotspot, has thrown out the rulebook when it comes to coffee culture. Forget about the typical Italian espresso bars found on every corner, at Nowhere they offer a selection of single-origin espresso and avocado toast that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Their philosophy is simple – they’re not aiming for elite elegance, they’re all about being effortlessly cool and approachable. Nowhere has recently expanded its repertoire by setting up a micro roastery, bringing a new dimension to their coffee offerings with freshly roasted beans straight from the drum.


Step into a world where Brazilian coffee reigns supreme and Milanese charm meets Wes Anderson’s quirky aesthetic. Cafezal, the brainchild of Carlos Eduardo Bitencourt, is not your average specialty coffee roastery. In 2018, Carlos revolutionized Milan’s coffee scene by opening the city’s first roastery in the heart of the fashion capital. The coffee is exquisite, of course, with Carlos sourcing only the finest beans from Brazil. But what sets Cafezal apart is its offbeat decor. Think deep blue walls, pastel-colored stools, and a black marble countertop that’s straight out of an Italian espresso bar. Get ready for a coffee experience that’s both delicious and visually stunning.

The Cafezal Specialty Coffee Lab in Milan has opened its doors on Viale Premuda during the 3-day World of Coffee event in 2022. This coffee lab is dedicated to the selection, roasting, and sale of specialty coffee. The focus of Cafezal Coffee Hub is to introduce the world to the wonders of specialty coffee, which is often perceived as an exclusive and niche product in Italy. To achieve this, the coffee hub will be conducting weekly courses on coffee, ranging from the basics for beginners to highly professional courses for baristas and restaurateurs. In this 500-square-meter space, coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike can discover the vast and exciting world of specialty coffee.

If you’re searching for a coffee and food sanctuary that combines the best of both worlds, look no further than Cafe O|NEST. Co-founders Lea and Lorenza have combined both concepts, all the while creating a charming and comfortable atmosphere that makes it hard to leave. With their commitment to quality, the dynamic duo has made a bold move by ditching single shots and sugar packets in favor of a more pure coffee experience. Barista Lorenzo brings together a diverse selection of roasts from across Europe, crafting beautiful beverages with precision and care using both high-tech espresso machines and the V60 hand filter. While you’re here, take a moment to browse the library and relax in the secret garden.
Photo credits: Margstudio

Imagine this: You’re walking down the picturesque streets of Milan and suddenly, a warm and inviting glow catches your eye. You’re drawn in by the cozy and stylish atmosphere of Cafe Hygge, a haven that embraces the Danish way of life with open arms. It’s like stepping into a dream where Scandinavian design meets a high level of comfort and conviviality. The menu is a treasure trove of delights, with a selection of single-origin coffees that will awaken your senses, and brunch dishes that transport your taste buds on an international adventure. And let’s not forget the communal table, where friendships are formed over delicious cups of coffee.

Il Cafetero in Milan is a place where coffee novices and connoisseurs alike come to indulge in a sensory experience. Federico Maggiulli, the master barista, expertly guides his guests through a journey of flavors and aromas, starting with his perfectly balanced blends. Like a conductor, he orchestrates the symphony of coffee, bringing out the best in each bean. Federico’s love for coffee was sparked during his time in London, and it continued to flourish under the guidance of the renowned Italian Latte Art Master, Chiara Bergonzi. Today, their partnership is reflected in the carefully crafted roasts from Sevengrams’ exclusive Lot Zero line. Whether you’re sipping an espresso or savoring a hand-filtered brew, Il Cafetero is where Italy meets the world of specialty coffee.