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The Nomad’s Cafe and Travel Guide to Basel

Basel has it all! From cosy coffee shops and splendid river views to a cosmopolitan design hotel straight out of a magazine you’ll quickly be wowed by its charm. The pocket-sized multifaceted urban goodies that await you in this Swiss city of culture make it the perfect weekend getaway. Here are a few gems not to be missed on your Basel adventures.

Basel coffee and travel guide

Cafe frühling

cafe Frühling basel

If eternal spring is what you are longing for then look no further! Considering the colorful flavors in each and every cup of specialty coffee served in this lovable cafe, you have found it in Basel! The neighbourhood coffee shop ‘frühling’, which translates to spring, has been one of the pioneers of the Swiss specialty coffee movement. Aroma filled beans have been brewed here for over 6 years already! Apart from guarding the quality of the coffee like a knight guarding his castle, the owners place great value on sustainability and offer organic, regional and seasonal products.

Basel Frühling cafe coffee

At ‘frühling, specialty attention is paid to filter coffee. Three single origins roasted by the in-house roastery ‘spring roasters’ are available for V60, including coffee from a farm in Nicaragua, which is run by the owner Felix and his brother Benjamin. In the shop next to the cafe you’ll find all the equipment needed to take your hobby-brewing to the next level.

Klybeckstrasse 69, 4057 Basel, Switzerland

Café Vonlanthen

cafe vonlanthen Basel

Café Vonlanthen delights Basel with delicious specialty coffee and charming views of the Rhine. Owner Sylvia Vonlanthen is a graduate of the Kaffeemacher Academy and developed her house blend with beans from Brazil, India and Ethiopia in cooperation with the Kaffeemacher roastery in the nearby Münchstein. Even though the coffee is more of a crowd pleaser, it has a special note in the cup.

The café feels like an extension of your own living room and radiates a cozy atmosphere. Don’t miss out on the panoramic terrace and river views on a sunny day! Home made brunches and lunches will round up your visit here.

Totentanz 13, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

My hotel recommendation for Basel

Design & Lifestyle Hotel Nomad

nomad design and lifestyle hotel Basel

When you find the home you wish you had on your travels! Stumbling upon the urbane Nomad in Basel has truly been a pleasant surprise. The Lifestyle & Design hotel stays true to its name and provides everything the modern nomad needs to feel comfortable. The welcoming ambiance is just one of its many perks. If you’re a design enthusiast like me you’ll appreciate the concrete walls paired with warm, folky elements and oak furniture. The building is set in the banking district and has a distinct and noteworthy architecture. From the lobby to the rooms, at every corner there is something that meets the eye, making your stay a continuous exploration.

nomad design and lifestyle hotel Basel

In the Nomad Eatery & Bar you will find worldly dishes inspired by travels that the crew has been on. They bring back memories of flavours or ingredients and integrate them into the menu. I’ve tried the breakfast buffet, which is a real treat. Find the latest prices and offers here.

Brunngässlein 8, 4052 Basel, Switzerland