Chemex brewing guide and recipe with Thai Barista Champion Athip Archalerttrakool

How to brew coffee with a Chemex at Factory Coffee Bangkok

The Chemex is the kind of coffee maker that is repurposed in the most creative ways due to its timeless design and elegance. Whether its turned into a vase or a lamp hanging from the ceiling, the opportunities to make use of it seem endless. It was designed well before I was born, in 1941 by the German scientist Peter J. Schlumbohm to be precise, but is hardly ever missing on the shelf of a third wave coffee shop today. It is my favourite brewing method as it produces an incredibly clean cup with light body while emanating pure sophistication.

During a recent visit to Factory, one of my favourite specialty coffee shops in Bangkok, the Thai Barista Champion Athip Archalerttrakool brewed a single origin coffee from PangKhon, a coffee region near Chiang Rai, Thailand, for us using the Chemex and shared his recipe. For this coffee beans of mixed varietals were processed using the black honey method and the flavours to be expected were orange, sugar cane and black tea.

The recipe:

Athip weight 20g of beans, ground them coarsely and let us smell the freshly ground beans. The kettle he used is from Brewista, with which he heated up the water to 93 degrees. For this recipe Athip was using 280g of water plus a little extra for saturating the filter before the brewing. The brewing time was 2:30mins.

chemex brew guide thai barista champion

First things first. After placing the filter Athip rinsed it with hot water to eliminate any unwanted taste from the paper while warming up the glass at the same time. This water was then discarded.

chemex brew guide thai barista champion

Next up he poured the ground coffee into the filter followed by double the amount of water, which he gently poured in circles starting from the center moving outwards. He waited a bit over 30 seconds to let the coffee ‘bloom’, before continuing to slowly pour water in circular motions, taking breaks of a few seconds in between pours.

chemex brew guide thai barista champion

After all of the water dripped through the grounds he discarded the filter and poured the coffee in a cup for us.

chemex brew guide thai barista champion

We enjoyed the fruity after taste of this coffee that had little acidity. Notes of black tea were very present in the cup and I tasted the orange flavour a bit more after the coffee had cooled down.

chemex brew guide thai barista champion

Athip Archalerttrakool is the co-owner of Factory and has experience working as a barista for over 5 years. I photographed his performance at the World Barista Championship in Amsterdam in June 2018 and was so excited to see him brewing again here in Bangkok. Kop khun mak ka!

Brewing essentials

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